The vineyard

The vineyard


The Clos des Centenaires vineyard is nestled on a 7-hectare Villafranchian pebble hill. Our young vine rows run from North to South on a South-South-West facing plot and are supported by trellising, while our more mature vines (Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault) run from East to West on an East-South-East facing plot and are trained using the gobelet method.

Located less than 2 km from the lakes of the Petite Camargue nature reserve, and less than 20 km from the Mediterranean Sea, the vineyard enjoys a unique, year-round mild climate. The alternating prevailing winds (the northerly Mistral wind) and thermal breezes (South, South Westerly and the sea breeze) encourage early budding and very temperate summers and subsequently a prolonged and gentle ripening period for the grapes.

The resulting wines have supple tannins and a heightened freshness, while maintaining a beautiful and strong maturity.

The ‘Château Haute Bergerade’ is an established 30-hectare enclosed estate located just a few hundred metres away, with 18 hectares of planted vines. Sharing the same agronomic work philosophy, it cultivates predominantly vines typical of the Rhône region and boasts a beautiful array of different grape varieties (see vintages).


The vineyard soils are cultivated amongst natural grassland using shallow tillage methods and special attention is paid to the revitalisation of vines (using annually prepared biodynamic compost).

Inputs are limited to organically approved natural products.

All vines are short pruned, using the gobelet or Cordon de Royat methods.