Our story

Our story

Le Clos des Centenaires was founded upon our desire to create wines that were representative of a region nestled between the land and sea. A valley nestled amongst century-old olive trees and majestic oaks where nature and the passage of time take on new meaning: this is the first thing that struck us when taking on the challenge.

And taking on this project of a lifetime was made all the easier by the array of natural treasures on offer: a maritime climate, deep and well-drained soils, Rhône-rolled pebbles dating back some 3 million years, alluvial sands and red clay. But first and foremost, it’s what time itself has to offer: deeply rooted and strong vine stocks, producing grapes that slowly but surely reveal a wonderfully generous complexity.

And it’s this amazing natural wonder that we want to share with you. We do this by lovingly cultivating the land with the utmost respect and honouring the patience and humility that this noble profession requires.

By immersing ourselves in this unique and special place, we have drawn up a motto which we feel accurately represents everything we do:


Patience born from a worthy cause

-Stéphanie and Luc Baudet

The creation of Les Centenaires stemmed from the meeting of two winemakers who wanted to bring together their passion for artisan wines and the Southern Rhône region. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the lakes of the Petite Camargue nature reserve, we work together to produce a range of sincere and intense gourmet wines in the traditional 18th century Château Haute Bergerade.

-Luc Baudet and Bruno François